Sabai Grass Wall Mirror,E S 086


  • Size – Total D 10, Mirror D 8
  • —MOQ 20 pcs — Call or whatsapp on + 91 9284017619 for more details or for placing order.
  • Sabai grass has evolved beyond utility. Artisans now create fashionable and aesthetically pleasing items:
  • Wall Hangings: Adorn your walls with rustic elegance using Sabai grass wall decor.
  • Sabai grass cultivation uplifts rural communities:
  • Sabai grass products now span a wide range: bags, baskets, cots, wall hangings, decorative boxes, coasters, accessories, floor coverings, and even furniture. Imagine a Sabai grass wall hanging gracing your living room—a touch of rustic elegance that whispers of sustainable chic.
  • Decorating with Sabai Grass: Now, let’s focus on those wall decor plates—the pièce de résistance! These handwoven beauties can serve as decorative wall art or functional baskets. Accentuate your home’s beauty with intricate, eco-friendly designs. Hang them proudly, and let your walls whisper tales of sustainability and craftsmanship.
  • Remember, when you choose Sabai grass, you’re not just decorating; you’re supporting a vibrant ecosystem of artisans and celebrating the beauty of simplicity. . So, go ahead—let Sabai grass dance on your walls!