Sabai grass wall decor plate/Basket,E S 082 to E S 085


  • Size – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • Size – D 8
  • Size – D 10
  • Size – D 12
  • Size – D 15
  • — MOQ 20 Pcs — Call or whatsapp on + 91 9284017619 for more details or for placing order.
  • Sabai grass has evolved beyond utility. Artisans now create fashionable and aesthetically pleasing items:
  • Wall Hangings: Adorn your walls with rustic elegance using Sabai grass wall decor.
  • Employment Opportunities: Skilled artisans find meaningful work, supporting their families.
  • Positive Impact: It’s not just about products; it’s about lives transformed.
  • If you’re curious, you can explore our various Sabai grass wall plates design. They’re like little pieces of nature’s poetry adorning your living space.
  • Remember, when you choose Sabai grass, you’re not just decorating; you’re supporting a vibrant ecosystem of artisans and celebrating the beauty of simplicity. . So, go ahead—let Sabai grass dance on your walls!