Sabai Grass Chapati Gift box – Assorted color,ES176


  • Size – D 7.5 x H 5.5
  • —MOQ 20 pcs — Call or whatsapp on + 91 9284017619 for more details or for placing order.
  • Sabai grass products now span a wide range: bags, baskets, cots, wall hangings, decorative boxes, coasters, accessories, floor coverings, and even furniture. Imagine a Sabai grass wall hanging gracing your living room—a touch of rustic elegance that whispers of sustainable chic.
  • Employment Opportunities: Skilled artisans find meaningful work in the Sabai grass industry. Their nimble fingers weave magic, creating products that resonate with both domestic and international markets. From bags to coasters, each piece carries a story.
  • Minimal Resources, Maximum Impact: Sabai grass thrives in less fertile highlands, making it a viable option where traditional agriculture faces challenges. It’s like a year-round “Money Plant” for these communities, ensuring a steady cash flow.
  • If you’re curious, you can explore our various Sabai grass wall plates design. They’re like little pieces of nature’s poetry adorning your living space.
  • Remember, when you choose Sabai grass, you’re not just decorating; you’re supporting a vibrant ecosystem of artisans and celebrating the beauty of simplicity. . So, go ahead—let Sabai grass dance on your walls!