Sabai Grass Chapati Box/Gift Box,ES178


  • Size – D 10 x H 3
  • —MOQ 20 pcs — Call or whatsapp on + 91 9284017619 for more details or for placing order.
  • Sabai Grass: A Brief Introduction Sabai grass (Eulaliopsis binata) is a wild grass that thrives in the forest fringe areas of West Bengal and Odisha. Picture it: sturdy, easy to work with, and delightfully light. The English discovered its strength during their rule in India and used it for making ropes. But today, Sabai grass has transformed into something more—a canvas for creativity and utility.

    Versatile Creations: What can we make?

  • Sabai Grass Basket: An eco-friendly wonder, this long basket is perfect for storing bread, cakes, biscuits, and fruits. Crafted entirely from Sabai grass, it’s both functional and beautiful. Plus, if needed, the grass can be dyed.
  • Why Sabai Grass Matters Beyond aesthetics, Sabai grass products empower local artisans, support sustainable livelihoods, and contribute to eco-conscious living. So, when you choose Sabai grass, you’re not just getting a beautiful item; you’re part of a meaningful story.
  • Remember, when you choose Sabai grass, you’re not just decorating; you’re supporting a vibrant ecosystem of artisans and celebrating the beauty of simplicity. . So, go ahead—let Sabai grass dance on your walls!