Marketing Bag – (EKP105),(EKP106), (EKP107), (EKP108), (EKP109) and (EKP110)


  • Size Dimension – Small, Extra Small, Medium, Extra Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • Size Dimension – L 11 x B 3 x H 7
  • Size Dimension – L 12 x B 3 x H 8
  • Size Dimension – L 12 x B 5 x H 8.5
  • Size Dimension – L 13 x B 4 x H 10
  • Size Dimension – L 12.5 x B 6 x H 11
  • Size Dimension – L 14 x B 5 x H 11
  • Handmade marketing bag made from finely woven Kauna grass. A great accessory for your outings with friends or a busy day at work. Good amount of room for all that you want in it. Kauna is the local name for a river reed which is cultivated in the wetlands. It has a cylindrical, soft and spongy stem which is dried and woven into products.
  • This hand-woven dry grass bag from North east India is all things stylish. Carry toiletries in this bag whenever you’re out on a trip or carry food when you’re headed to a picnic. Developed by artisans with their utmost love and passion and with each and every detail is examined carefully
  • Product Color, Size & Weight May Vary Marginally Due to The Hand-Made Nature of Production.